Home of the 2014 ACF Chef of the Year, Chef Tim Prefontaine.

Winning Gold

In 2008, Massachusetts native Tim Prefontaine joined The Fort Worth Club and prepared for a busy season; not just at the Club, but for a demanding practice and competition schedule that would pack his calender throughout the remainder of the year. He was a member of the 2008 American Culinary Federation Regional Team USA, one of only six chefs in America (and the only one in Texas) representing the regional team. Winning overall and beating out 61 other regional teams in the 2008 international competition, Prefontaine returned to the Club with a gold medal. He is now serving as the team coach of the 2016 American Culinary Federation Team USA. Prefontaine was also named "2014 Chef of the Year" by the American Culinary Federation.

Raising the bar

Today Prefontaine uses his competition skills to continually update and improve the Club's menu, paying attention to Club traditions while providing exciting new options that excite member palates. He's put together a culinary team of professionals that has raised the bar for Fort Worth Club cuisine. Long-time employees learn from him while fledgling new employees look to him for guidance as they carve their own culinary career paths.