History & Tradition

For more than 125 years, The Fort Worth Club has helped define and influence Fort Worth's distinctive character. 

History & Tradition

The history of The Fort Worth Club is woven so deeply within the history of Fort Worth, recalling the past of one requires remembering both. While much has changed since the Club was established, the community leadership and camaraderie remains the same; just as it did more than a century ago.

Influencing Fort Worth

"A frontier town has blossomed into a cosmopolitan city," reported the Fort Worth Gazette in 1885. Numerous railroads had arrived, factories and shops began springing up, and the population was growing.

It was during this time a small group of businessmen began talking about organizing a club. This club would not only provide an opportunity for socializing, but would work for the continued growth of Fort Worth. As the Gazette reported, the Club "is to be the medium for advancing the business interests of the city."

On June 10, 1885, the Commercial Club was officially chartered by the state of Texas and a new era of Fort Worth's history began.

As Fort Worth continued to grow, due largely in part to the meat-packing industry that led to the term, "Cowtown," so did the Club. Cultural arts became of more importance, membership was increasing, and there was concern the name "Commercial Club" did not correctly represent the Club's purpose. In 1906, the Club's name was changed to "The Fort Worth Club."