Women's Events



The Platinum Women Planning Committee meets periodically to plan events for women of The Fort Worth Club. “We recognize that as women we desire a place to belong, a place to engage, and the opportunity to network with other women of excellence”, says committee member Carley Moore. Platinum Women was created with this vision in mind and will encompass a variety of events throughout the year where the women of the Club can connect.  Platinum Women is for all Fort Worth Club women of every age and life stage.

The name, Platinum Women, and logo were inspired by the Club’s 5 star Platinum status and the unique blend of history and tradition with a legacy of progress and moving forward. The logo, entitled “Triangles of Togetherness,” was created by member and creative director Barry King. For the background he chose the triangle design in a wallpaper found in the Ladies Fitness Facility, a place unique to women of the Club. The background conveys a sense of modern progress and moving forward while the “P” and the green lettering speak tradition.  

If you have an idea you would like to submit to the committee for consideration we want to hear from you!  Please send your idea to Kathy Kinney, kkinney@fortworthclub.com.