Equipment Pilates
Our "core" spans beyond the top layer of abdominals. How strong are your hip and gluteal muscles? What about your hamstrings, obliques and back extensors? Do you wobble around, over-arch your back or crunch up your shoulders when lifting weight, compensating form for the sake of lifting more weight?

The Core Performance Studio has openings for equipment Pilates sessions! Still haven't tried it? Each member receives two complimentary sessions. Experience a unique workout that targets weaker muscles to help improve stability, mobility and core strength in everything else you do.

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FIFA World Cup Challenge
The 2014 FIFA World Cup begins June 12! Watch and win by
entering the Athletic Center FIFA World Cup Challenge!

- Scoring will be based on a point system
-No limit for brackets entered per person
- In the event of a tie, the winner will be the person with the closest to total amount of goals in championship game.

Registration:Ryan Layman  

Enjoy $1 draft beer in the Athletic Center during televised FIFA games!