Important contact information

For building issues:
Please email Courtesy at courtesy@fortworthclub.com.
An engineer will be dispatched to assist you.

For emergency building or engineering issues:
Please call Courtesy at 817-632-0699.

For property management issues:
Tenants are encouraged to contact Cindy Price at 817-338-3485 for lease space or storage space, new, revised or overnight parking, tenant handbooks, accounting matters, construction/tenant finish plans, information about tenant or vendor related insurance requirements, moves, deliveries, special requests for carpet cleaning, housekeeping or any tenant related issues. Also contact Cindy for any serious issues involving exterminating or maintenance.

For parking information:
Please contact Caitlin Lam at  parking@fortworthclub.com, or 817-338-3460, for lost cards or hang tags, parking booklets or stamps, parking policies and rates or any particular issue involving parking.

Courtesy Department at The Fort Worth Club:
The Courtesy Department monitors the Fort Worth Club and parking 24 hours, 7 days a week. The purpose of the Courtesy Department is to provide a safe and secure environment for tenants and their guests. Courtesy officers have received advanced training in various crisis management techniques. Should you have any questions involving evacuation plans, concerns about your space, vendor deliveries, policies and procedures, safety issues/concerns or any other questions, please email courtesy@fortworthclub.com. Any emergency issue should be directed to 911 and/or the Courtesy Department at 817-632-0699.

Engineering at The Fort Worth Club:
The Club's Engineering department, under the management of Bob Bracken, strives to provide the highest tone and quality of service possible to each and every tenant. The Engineering department provides building standard maintenance services for all tenant space, common areas and club amenities. As a tenant, should you have any issues within your space or common area that requires attention, please email courtesy@fortworthclub.com and an engineer will be dispatched to your location. For any concerns or unusual circumstances, please email Bob Bracken at bbracken@fortworthclub.com.