A healthy body starts in the kitchen


Meet with our registered dietitian who will provide a nutritional analysis and outline a plan for disease prevention, fitness and overall better health. 

Member Testimonials

“At 3 o’clock I would get these waves of tiredness, like I hit a wall.
Now that’s gone.”

“It’s the interaction with the dietitian and the accountability that makes the difference.”

This is the single best thing I’ve done for myself.”



Nutrition Programs 


Do you fight afternoon fatigue or are looking for more energy?
Do you know how to eat healthy but lack motivation to stick with it?
Are you trying to lose weight, avoid disease, fight stress, or just feel better in general but don’t know how?

mynutritionpal is for you.

What is mynutritionpal?
A six-week nutrition program including a 75-minute intro session, customized meal plan, weekly coaching appointments (in person or over the phone) and food log analysis with informative feedback.

How is mynutritionpal different from other nutrition plans?

It’s the ongoing support that will help maximize your long-term results. Our dietitian’s one-on-one coaching style will focus on meeting your specific needs within your lifestyle. Through education and accountability throughout the program you will be empowered to make lifelong changes for better health. It’s proven.

What can I expect during the 75-minute intro session?
This extended session provides the time necessary to thoroughly cover your nutrition goals, get to know each other, and get you on the clear fast-track to results. Your initial assessment will include a full analysis of your current eating and exercise regimen, including individualized nutritional recommendations.

How does the 5-day customized meal plan work?
Your dietitian will customize a 5-day meal plan to kick off your program based on your goals, food preferences and lifestyle with portion sizes and recipes tailored to your needs.

What will the follow-up coaching sessions cover?
Accountability is key when it comes to reaching your goals. Your sessions will focus on progress, nutrition education, addressing challenges, answering nutrition, exercise or health questions, and helping you stay motivated and inspired. The dietitian will also review your food log and provide feedback each week.

What does mynutritionpal cost?
$375 for the six-week program
$50/per month for further accountability coaching (includes two follow-up sessions per month)

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Additional Services:

- 7-day food log analysis with detailed guidance - $50
- Initial private 75-minute nutrition session - $175 (3 sessions for $375)
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