Automated Parking is Here!

The Fort Worth Club introduces a new parking management system. Members may enter and exit without a ticket utilizing license plate verification. Each member account receives 40 hours of monthly complimentary parking when visiting The Fort Worth Club.

In order to register for the new system, we require documentation of all license plates. Click below to register your vehicle(s).

If you registered your vehicle on the previous site, you do not need to register again!

Register your vehicles today:

Complete the form below.

Contact Melissa Wilburn, at [email protected] or call 817-338-3485

Members, please find our parking FAQ below!

Parking Registration

Include License Plate(s), Make/Model, Color

Include License Plate(s), Make/Model, Color
QUESTIONS? Contact Melissa Wilburn at [email protected]
 Security code



Have you registered your vehicle(s) yet?
Email Melissa Wilburn at mwilburn@fortworthclub.com to provide your vehicle license plate(s) and descriptions. Call Melissa Wilburn at 817-338-3485.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Main Line: 817-632-0699
Email: [email protected]


The Courtesy Department monitors the Fort Worth Club and parking 24 hours, 7 days a week. Courtesy officers have received advanced training in various crisis management techniques. Should you have any questions involving evacuation plans, concerns about your space, vendor deliveries, policies and procedures, safety issues/concerns or any other questions, please email [email protected].

What is the hourly parking rate? $4 per hour.


Melissa Wilburn
Phone: 817-338-3485
Email: mwilburn@fortworthclub.com

Please contact Melissa Wilburn at [email protected], or 817-338-3485, for lost cards or hang tags, parking booklets or stamps, parking policies and rates or any particular issue involving parking.


Call Melissa Wilburn for parking assistance at 817-338-3485 or email [email protected]


24 hours a day for assistance

Tenant Relations

Front Desk


Tenants may contact the Courtesy department for an escort to or from their vehicle at any time. Call 817-632-0699.


For monthly parkers who are also members, please list all vehicles, including your license plates and vehicle descriptions) on your tenant account by emailing Melissa Wilburn at [email protected] or call 817-338-3485. Please note, the system will be monitored closely. 

Questions? Contact Melissa Wilburn at 817-338-3485.


1. How do I register my vehicle?
Email Melissa Wilburn, Parking Assistant, at mwilburn@fortworthclub.com to provide your license plate and vehicle descriptions.

2. Is the 40 allowable hours total per month including nights and weekends? Yes! The complementary 40 hours per month are provided in order to be used while members utilize Club facilities, including the member dining restaurants, Athletic Center, and banquet events.

3. As a member, what if I use more than the allotted 40 hours per month? Members who use more than the provided 40 hours will be charged $4 per hour for each additional hour. The 40 hours is inclusive of all Club facilities, including member dining, banquet events, and Athletic Center.

4. As a member, how do I pay for my guests’ parking? The Fort Worth Club welcomes guests of members to the Club. In order to validate guests’ parking, members are provided the opportunity to utilize a validation machine at the 11th floor front desk, Athletic Center front desk, and by servers within the member dining restaurants.

5. What if I have a rental car? Upon use of a rental car, please notify the Parking Department at 817-338-3485 or email [email protected] to provide temporary license plate information and a vehicle description. If a member does not call ahead, please take a ticket and upon parking, contact the Courtesy Department and provide license plate information and anticipated final date of use.  

6. What if I have paper plates? If a member has a new car and has not yet received permanent license plates, please contact Melissa Wilburn at 817-338-3485 or email her at [email protected] for an access card until permanent plates are acquired.   

7. Will the system read the front or rear license plate reader? The new system utilizes rear license plate read only.

8. If I do not use all 40 complimentary hours do they roll over?
The complimentary hours do not roll over month to month.

9. Can a vehicle be left overnight in The Fort Worth Club garage?
Members are not permitted to leave vehicles overnight unless the member is staying at the Inn at the Club. 

10. Do custom license plates work with the system?
The system does not have the capability to read custom plates are black with white lettering. 

11. Do I pay at exit via credit card if I am to exceed my 40 complimentary hours? No. You will see a line item on your statement each month for any time that exceeds the 40 hours at a rate of $2 per hour. 

12. Can I log in to track my total hours or see how many I have throughout the month? You will not be able to login and track total hours used throughout the month. 
If you have any concerns or questions please email [email protected] or 
[email protected].

13. What if I am staying at the Inn? Do those hours get applied to my 40 hours?
Members staying at the Inn will have the option to apply towards complimentary hours or pay $15 fee, by letting the Front Desk know at check in. 

14. What if the gate isn’t opening or I need assistance?
Press the help button to be directly connected to the Courtesy Department seven days a week and 24 hours a day. 

15. How are the 40 hours allotted? 

Each member account will be provided with 40 hours of complimentary parking monthly. Each member account includes primary account holder, spouse and dependents on the account.

Example: Member 1000 (Jon Smith), 1000A (Mary Smith), 1000B (Chandler Smith) each come to The Fort Worth Club over the period of one month. In doing so, the total hours parked between the three equals 35 hours. This time is recorded to the 1000 member account as a part of the complimentary package.
How do I register?
Email Melissa Wilburn at [email protected] to provide your license plate and vehicle descriptions.